2 billion dollars in advertising revenue for podcasts in the USA in 2022

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apple podcasts app icon ipa iphone ipadA new study estimates that the podcast market (USA) is expected to exceed 2 billion in advertising revenue in 2022. Even better, it could double by 2024 and reach 4 billion.

The podcast is very popular!

According to a new study by Variety, podcast advertising revenue will reach the 2.13 billion dollars in 2022 in the United States. If this were the case, this would represent a growth of +47% compared to 2021.

To make this estimate, IAB and PwC came up with an online survey aimed at podcast industry experts. Of course, all companies were taken into account, even those not concerned by the survey.

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Despite potentially exceeding the symbolic two billion mark, this growth would in reality be less significant than that achieved over the year 2021 which saw this figure jump by +72% to reach 1.45 billion dollars.

As the podcast market is still in a constant growth phase, it is estimated that a +100% increase by 2024 is far from impossible, which would push the total value up to 4.2 billion dollars.

The three areas that make it possible to achieve such figures are the daily increase in the number of listeners and content, the democratization of automated advertising and above all an ever more overflowing desire of brands to position themselves in this advertising niche, more more efficient.

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