60 million consumers reveal the best products for your children, and some are amazing

Cookies, cereals, cheese spreads, so many food products that your children love, and which are inseparable items from your shopping list. If your wallet pushes you to go for the less expensive products, you will be surprised to see which of these products are the best from a nutritional point of view.

For breakfast

Often too sweet and with too many additives, chocolate cereals are one of our toddlers’ favorite foods for breakfast. Fortunately, and thanks to an effort by national brands on the composition of these cereals, it is now possible to consume them without feeling too guilty. Thus, and to offer your children a healthier and more qualitative breakfast, 60 million consumers recommend, among others, Chocapic Bio cereals from Nestlé, and Coco pop’s from Kellogg’s, these containing very little fat and of additives.
As for chocolate powders, the observation remains the same: they are often much too sweet. The problem when our children consume too much sugar in the morning is that it will produce a spike in insulin, and cause a drop in energy, as well as cravings around 10-11am. To reduce this sugar consumption, 60 million consumers recommend using pure, sugar-free cocoa powder, such as Van Houten unsweetened cocoa powder, or Ivoiria Bio from Intermarché, which offers excellent value for money. Both contain no additives!

To taste it

An important meal and certainly a favorite of the children, the snack has also been scrutinized. To please your children and guarantee them a good nutritional intake, favor the famous triangle cheeses of the Vache qui Rit brand, containing 100% French milk and a total absence of additives. In a more affordable register, we find Les P’tits Fondants from the Aldi brand, inexpensive and also containing 100% French milk.
Also very popular with children at snack time are chocolate-filled biscuits. Although 60 million consumers warn that ” These cookies shouldn’t come out of the cupboard every day “, we can nevertheless allow our cherubs to have fun, especially with the Petit Choisi filled snacks from Aldi, which are in first place in the ranking, just ahead of the Princes de Lu, and the Mon Goûter au chocolat, available at Auch.

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