7 tips to keep cats away from our garden

As cute as they are, when cats do their business on the plants of our vegetable garden or on our outdoor cushions, or worse, scratch their claws on our trees, we have to say stop!

Cats are very sensitive to noise. Hang a wind chime or bell that rings with the breeze to deter them from coming. You can also invest in an ultrasonic repellent device sold in specialist garden stores.

In addition to having fine hearing, they have a particularly developed sense of smell. They also have a lot of trouble with certain smells such as lavender, pennyroyal and lemon thyme, which scare them away. Plant some in your garden to get rid of opportunistic ones.

Like fragrant flowers, white vinegar isn’t exactly a cat’s best friend. You spray it where they defecate to prevent them from coming back. Another solution: wet newspapers with white vinegar and place them in strategic places in your garden.

It’s well known that most small cats don’t like water. So to keep them away, do not hesitate to install an automatic watering system in your garden. The latter will trigger on its own when the animal approaches thanks to a motion detector.

Recycle your coffee grounds and place the grounds at the foot of the plantations in your vegetable garden or in your flower pots. Repeat the operation for more efficiency and remove the coffee grounds if they start (…)

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