A cat who lost her kittens during childbirth adopted 4 other abandoned ones

Pussy: In the animal kingdom, mothers also suffer from the loss of their children and offspring who was not born or who was simply stillborn. And in addition to the sadness it can cause, it also causes long-term damage and consequences for the animals that have to endure this situation.

In Brisbane, Australia, a cat adopted a litter of newborn orphan kittens. And this, after having to endure the painful sorrow of giving birth to deceased kittens.

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A cat who lost her kittens during childbirth adopted 4 other abandoned ones

Nikki, a volunteer from the Best Friends Felines shelter, took this cat to the veterinary clinic so that she could give birth. Unfortunatelyveterinarians could not save the lives of the kittens, who lost their lives in childbirth.

This generated deep grief in the cat, whose name is Venus. She felt immediate sadness the moment she knew she would no longer see the newly born kittens. However, an event would change his life. In the same veterinary hospital was a litter of orphan kittens. They had been abandoned in the middle of a park near the medical center.

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The vets gifted these kittens to Nikkito see how Venus reacted. “She immediately started feeding and bathing them. It’s one of those moments that makes you cry, to see a mother who has lost all her babies, to accept babies who have not had a mother, “ said the woman.

Indeed, Nikki immediately noticed the affection the cat felt for her foster babies.

“She is lovely and very caring. She does a wonderful job with these little ones”, she said. Little by little, Venus followed the education of her four babies, from feeding them to teaching them to play and fight with each other. ” Venus has gained some weight and is eating well. She always snuggles up to them”, added Nikki.

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The kittens have strengthened their own personality and now have much more character than before. In addition, Venus has also changed her way of being and is now more outgoing and driven in general. “Venus spends time alone with her foster family and loves her new kittens. Her tender and playful personality stands out,” explains Nikki.

Despite the pain of losing her puppies, Venus now has another chance to live happily ever after. “She’s done an amazing job with her little foster family, and now that all the babies are bigger and stronger, she’s ready to find her forever home,” concluded the volunteer. Today, one of the four kittens has been adopted, while the other family members bide their time to find forever homes.

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