A dog in a wheelchair becomes the “guide dog” for a small blind fox

A dog in a wheelchair became the unlikely guide of a blind fox and impressed thousands of people who know his touching story.

Apparently, the blind animal has learned to follow the sound of its older brother’s chair wheels, making their beautiful relationship easier. The West Highland Terrier pup, named Jack, enjoys being Pumpkin’s guide, and in fact believes he is his protective brother.

Both animals have a common story to tell, as they were rescued and escaped to euthanasia because of their state of health.

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A dog in a wheelchair guides a fox

Jack had a tumor in his spine which resulted in his inability to walk; he then needed special care for the rest of his life. Fortunately, the vet Ana Lapaz-Mendez provided him with the foster home he dreamed of and took care of him.

The fox, meanwhile, arrived at the vet with two broken legs and half dead, but thanks to timely medical attention, he was able to be saved.

When Jack arrives at the house, the fox has already been living for a year in Anne’s house in East Finchley, north London. But since his arrivalthe little dog decided to put Pumpkin the fox out of harm’s way and become his brother.

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Several images testify to their bond, and show Pumpkin following his brother using sound and smell.

When they walk in the park, Pumpkin is sometimes distracted, but the little dog stops and waits patiently for him to catch up. Jack is very protective and alert to any danger, even when other dogs or cats approach to annoy Pumpkin, he pushes them away.

Ana said according to Metro:

He feels the responsibility to take care of himself like a brother would“.

In a short time, their beautiful friendship became famous among their neighbors, and videos Ana’s Instagram went viral.

Every time he hears Jack’s chair wheelsthe fox follows him in the same direction, and if for some reason he gets ahead, he stops and waits.

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Even in the evening, they can be seen walking together, showing that their relationship goes beyond routine walks in the park.

However, although they get along very well, everything is not rosy and sometimes they clash, like any brother. But even if they argue, Jack is still there to watch over Pumpkin – after allhe will always be his big brother and his special guide.

© Instagram/ vet_lapaz

Ana thinks Jack will probably have to use wheels for the rest of his lifealthough he is walking better than before and has become more independent.

In the house there is another dog called Croqueta, who in turn takes care of Pumpkin and keeps Jack’s antics under control. Croqueta is a dog without any physical handicaps, so he is useful in finding Jack when he gets lost in the bushes.

The family used to stroll on Hampstead Heath, North London, but his notoriety has risen so much that he is impossible to walk without being interrupted. People see and recognize them immediately, approach to greet them and, seeing that they are still together, end up loving them.

Anna commented:

It’s always too crowded, so now we’re walking in quieter areas“.

However, all their fans can see the adorable duo through videos, as their walks have been shared on various social networks.

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