A pony, dogs, birds… A house ruined by a tenant and his animals

The couple had lived in their home for four and a half years. For three years, everything went well. But when their tenants separated, the owners of this house in Plaudren (Morbihan) no longer received their monthly rent. After a year and a half of procedure, this couple living near Vannes was able to recover the keys to their house. But the condition of the accommodation clearly leaves something to be desired. For several months, animals lived with the tenant in deplorable hygienic conditions.

Asked by West France, the owners mention the presence of birds, cats, dogs, guinea pigs. And even a pony, which was regularly seen in the house by neighbors. A photo showing the little equine in the living room even circulated on social networks. Inside, the floors are soiled with animal droppings and excrement, the walls blackened with dirt, waste is everywhere. Installed nearby, the couple regularly passed in front of the house, seeing its condition deteriorate. Justice agreed with them at the beginning of the fall. But it was impossible for them to recover their property before the end of the winter break.

The latter occurring on March 31, 2022, the owners planned to call on the gendarmerie to recover their property. They will not have needed it, the tenant having left the premises without saying anything, but leaving the keys on the door. The house is disfigured, just like the garden. But nothing was broken, precise West France. The owners have taken stock of the outstanding payments, which amount to 10,500 euros, not counting the costs of the procedure.

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