A sea otter is photographed stroking a small shark, it’s beautiful

While they were taking photos off the coast of California, in the United States, Don Henderson and Alice Cahill obtained amazing and curious shots. They captured a sea otter in what appeared to be an embrace with a small horned shark.

According to Sea Otter Savvy, it is unclear whether the otter was attempting to hunt the horned shark, as the animals were only visible for a short time. Sea otters tend to feed on the surface, primarily of invertebrates, such as sea urchins, crabs, abalones, and clams.

Although it is not yet known what brought these two creatures together during the short time the event was observed, what is clear is that this is a rather difficult situation. to reproduce. After a short time, the otter and the shark split up, which may suggest that this interaction may have been just curiosity.

© FB/ Sea Otter Savvy

Sea otter ‘cuddling’ a small shark

Sea Otter Savvy is a group dedicated to sea otter conservation and on their Facebook account they wrote:

“We’re not sure what happened here, but these ‘amazing’ images are the first known record of an interaction between a sea otter and this creature. »

Horned sharks are solitary predators, who generally take refuge during the day and hunt shellfish at night. They have strong jaws and molar teeth with which they easily crush their prey.

© FB/ Sea Otter Savvy

It is not clear that the otter attempted to hunt the horned shark. However, sea otters have been known to use their thorax as a feeding tray.

According to Michael D. Harris of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and photos, the otter would be an adult female. No one knows if the otter was trying to eat the shark or if they were just playing or hugging, but these incredible images are the first record of such an interaction.

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