a starred chef restores the taste of food to Clara, suffering from a rare disease

Clara is an 11-year-old girl suffering from a rare disease that prevented her from swallowing and eating normally. She is constantly fed by gastric tube and can no longer swallow any food, under penalty of vomiting or miscarriage. But, recently, the little girl was able to find the taste of her favorite dessert, the macaroon. The Hospices Civils de Lyon, where she is followed, have collaborated with the Michelin-starred chef Christian Têtedoie from Lyon to develop a macaron-flavored spray, safe for Clara, and which allows her to rediscover this incomparable aroma.

“A real moment of happiness”

A year ago, with the help of her aunt, she wrote to starred chef Christian Têtedoie to find out if he could develop something that would taste like macaroon, his favorite dessert. The result is a spray concocted by the chef. “We make decoctions to concentrate the tastes as much as possible, vanilla and almond flavor for the macaroon”, explains the chef. “The spray will pschitter micro-droplets that will line the mouth with all these aromas without any injection. And for Clara who had not been able to eat for 11 years, it was a real moment of happiness”, he adds .

This is confirmed by Clara herself and her aunt Nora. “I found it very good!”, said the young girl. “She rediscovers the taste, something she had lost after so many months of resuscitation. It’s good, it’s tasty and that’s it, today who wears it and who, I think, makes you forget a little the disease”, develops his aunt.

A spray that will become widespread

One covered with capital pleasure for healing, says Véronique Randon, from the intensive care unit of the Woman, Mother and Child hospital. “It’s like opening a surprise bag in which we capture moments of happiness. And it’s fun, it’s a step forward in terms of health”, explains the specialist.

The Têtedoie spray also exists in strawberry and chocolate compote flavor. Its use will soon be possible for all patients who have difficulty eating.

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