AC Arles defend themselves after their 22-1 victory

Less commented on than Kylian Mbappé’s trip to Madrid, the match-fixing affair between AC Arles and Septèmes, in Regional 2 Mediterranean League, caused a lot of talk. Indeed, the victory of Arles 22-1, allowing the club to take the lead in its championship on goal difference, questions in Provence. This heavy victory, announced by Arles on his Facebook account, without showing the score, remains “in reserve” on the League website for the moment. While, according to RMC Sportsthe Mediterranean League has launched an investigation into this match, the Arles club has reacted to this controversy.

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All week, the Arles players have worked to prepare for this decisive match in the home straight of the championship at the rate of 4 training sessions. Coach Michel Estevan particularly insisted on attacking work, assures the amateur club. DShould we be blamed for scoring goals when it was possible? In some media, we read the point of the president of FC Septèmes who made the choice to move with the workforce that remained to him. Only one Septèmes player was present during the first leg, “the players let us down” these are the words of Mr. Salah Nasri, president of FC Septèmes on a site. We welcomed the opposing team at 2:30 p.m. under the eyes of the delegate of the Mediterranean League. The Septèmes players were only able to warm up 5 minutes before the licensing check. The opposing goalkeeper seemed to occupy this position for the first time. And the game was refereed by an official National 2 referee, accompanied by two experienced assistant referees. And if FC Septèmes had not come to Arles, would we have cried foul? We played a 90-minute football match against a totally demobilized formation“, can we read on Facebook.

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