after Aélys’ operation in the United States, her parents thank the donors

In Viré (Saône-et-Loire), near Tournus, Aélys, a 5-year-old girl, now hears in both ears, thanks to expensive surgery in the United States. His parents organized a small party to thank all the donors.

This is the happy epilogue of a long journey for Aélys. Born with only one ear, it was a race against time for her parents to get her surgery in the United States. Back in France, her parents wanted to thank all the donors (family, volunteers, associations) by organizing a small party.

Aélys was born with a rare malformation, microtia aplasia atresia is a malformation of the ear, which requires both inner and outer ear reconstruction (prosthesis). The reconstruction operation is only performed in the United States in California, and required 88,000 dollars.

Aélys’ family very quickly created an association, which was able to raise the necessary funds for the operation and the stay in the United States. Valérie Bourgeois is the grandmother of Aélys, but also the secretary and treasurer of the association. She explains that the association is made up “of about fifteen members, who represent a small family around Aélys.”

It took 3 years for the association to raise the necessary funds, a race against time because a very young child “takes back hearing very quickly, between 4 and 6 years old, when the brain develops and the neurons make the connection with the ear.”

On a more personal level, “it’s the fight of my life”, says Aélys’ grandmother. “I succeeded in my fight, I have no regrets, after 6 days she could hear sounds, for me it was won!”

The association will not disappear, to help other children who are victims of the same malformation. Laurine Bourgeois, Aélys’ mother, announces that the statutes of the association will be modified, and that it will bear the name of “Hear Dons us for Aélys and Company”.

Laurine Bourgeois explains: “The operation is so expensive that the parents need to create an association. We will continue for the other children, we want to help them!”

The help provided by this new association will be psychological, “and to help families prepare for the trip. We’ll be there to help other children with microtia aplasia atresia and other deformities.” says the secretary and treasurer of the association, Valérie Bourgeois.

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