An agreement signed to fight against food waste –

Better declare the shelf life of products, donate unsold food or offer restaurant customers to take away leftovers: the Confederation and the food sector signed an agreement on Thursday to fight against food waste.

Environment Minister Simonetta Sommaruga and 28 companies and associations in the food industry are committed to implementing concrete measures to limit waste, says the Federal Department of the Environment. The goal is to halve avoidable food losses by 2030 compared to 2017.

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A third of global production is lost or wasted while the supply system is showing its limits, notes DETEC. In Switzerland, this represents an average of 330 kilos of waste per inhabitant per year.

Food waste also harms the environment, adds DETEC: it is responsible for a quarter of the environmental burden from food.

Voluntary measures

The measures will be voluntary. The different companies, from the retail trade, processing industry, catering and agriculture, will define objectives specific to their sector.

They will also have to make their employees and consumers aware of the problem of food waste. Signatories will also be required to report annually on progress made, calculating the amounts of food lost.

An assessment is planned for 2025. Food losses should be reduced by 25% by then. Other actors are invited to sign the agreement. This is part of the action plan against food waste adopted by the Federal Council last month.


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