Anger at Lafrancaise: the donkey who walks the children seriously bitten by a stray dog

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Tuesday afternoon, in Lafrancaise in the Tarn-et-Garonne, a stray dog ​​attacked the herd of donkeys of the association “Bon’âne-Venture” which organizes walks on the site of the Vallée des Hobbies. “Fanny”, a donkey who is expecting a baby, was seriously bitten in the muzzle. The president of the association and the owner of the donkey are all the more angry that this staff had already killed an animal in the town.

“That’s what a stray dog ​​does…and more categorized. There, he attacked our herd…imagine if he attacks your children or other animals who are peacefully enjoying the good weather and holidays!” Marcel Carrère, the president of the “Bon’âne-Venture” association, lets his anger explode after the attack committed by a staff on the herd of walking donkeys well known to regulars at the Vallée des Loisirs, in Lafrancaise. Fanny, a pregnant donkey, was seriously injured in the muzzle.

The facts occurred Tuesday at the beginning of the afternoon. It is around 1:40 p.m. when Carole Fénié, volunteer donkey herder with the Bon’âne-Venture association, is alerted by barking, then by her herd of donkeys. She immediately leaves the preparation of the walks that were planned for that afternoon and steels herself to pick up this dog who did not want to let go of the cheek of his prey. “The herd had the reflex to form a security cordon around the youngest, Mélodie, barely a month and a half old. How lucky to have a herd of several donkeys! As for Firmin, faithful Fanny’s companion, he was at the side of the victim, relatively helpless, stamping his feet to scare the dog permanently attached to this cheek”, relates Marcel Carrère. One can imagine the distress of Fanny’s owner, but after a few seconds of cries and incessant kicking and head movements of the donkey, the dog, covered in the blood of his victim, ended up letting go.

It was necessary to put 20 stitches to the donkey, horribly injured in the muzzle.

It was necessary to put 20 stitches to the donkey, horribly injured in the muzzle.
Capture Facebook Association Bon’Ane-Venture

The municipality of Lafrancaise, alerted to this incident, immediately dispatched a crew of municipal police and municipal agents who were able to recover this biting dog. “Thank you to them and their responsiveness”, congratulates the president of the association.
But he deplores the wounds inflicted on the donkey, “20 stitches with multiple wounds”.

This dog has already killed an animal in Lafrancaise less than a year ago. How is he still able to do harm?

Marcel Carrère wonders: “What would have happened if Carole had not been there? And if there had not been the herd to protect our youngest? This is the second time that this dog has attacked a donkey, he has already killed in Lafrancaise, so he is known to all the services in possession of this file…veterinarians, town hall, police, justice.How is this animal, which killed less than a year ago, Is he still able to do harm? This is unacceptable. What should we do so that this type of problem does not happen again? That this dog attacks a person?”.

The offending animal having been captured and its owner identified, it will now be easy to establish whether it is indeed a dog in the category classified as “dangerous dogs” (Editor’s note: dogs of the American Staffordshire terrier breed, Rottweiller or Tosa are classified in category 2) and subject to an obligation to declare to the prefecture. Even if this dog is not categorized, it will necessarily be seen by a canine behaviorist.

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