Argentina’s largest private bank to introduce cryptocurrency trading

Even if the cryptocurrencies in Argentina are not a legal currency, Argentina has served as a regional currency in the field of cryptocurrencies. Argentina has become an early adopter of cryptocurrencies to hedge inflation and circumvent bans on transferring foreign currency across the border.

Argentina’s two largest private banks, Banco Garlicia and digital bank Brubank, have added the cryptocurrency trading option to their online banking website.

One of the most important banks in Argentina, Banco Galicia, founded in 1905, has more than 4.2 million customers, companies and individuals, associated with its Linkedin page. On the other hand, Brubank Bank is completely digital and was a regulated bank launched in 2017 in Argentina.

One of Banko Glacia who use the bank’s website found the new feature very interesting displayed and confirmed by the bank.

The bank responded that it is adding new investment options for cryptocurrency trading features.

The bank’s website now offers the possibility to buy bitcoin, Ether, stablecoin USD coin (USDC) and Ripple (XRP).

In addition, the Brubank tweeted and confirmed the addition of the feature saying that they provide the crypto trading feature to all of their users. Users can consult it by activating the “investments” function in the bank’s application. Brubank also offers bitcoin and ether trading, as well as stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) and DAI.

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