at Amazon, the creation of a second union in New York fails

Amazon Labor Union (ALU) created a surprise in early April by becoming the company’s first union in the United States, within the JFK8 warehouse in the Staten Island district of New York.

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After a first resounding victory, Amazon Labor Union (ALU), did not succeed in its bet. Employees of an Amazon sorting center in New York voted 62% against the arrival of the union on their site. According to a count broadcast online, 618 employees voted “no” to the question of whether they wanted to be represented by ALU, against 380 who voted “yes”. About 1,633 employees in total were called upon to vote last week, during a ballot spread from April 25 to 29. A total of 998 spoke, which represents a participation rate of 61%.

ALU had created the surprise, at the beginning of April, by becoming the first union of the company in the United States, within the JFK8 warehouse in the district of Staten Island in New York. In the wake of its first success, ALU generated excitement, its members claiming to have been contacted by representatives of warehouses across the country. The organization hoped to score another victory at the LDJ5 sorting center located across the street. In vain.

Amazon, for its part, filed an appeal against the result of the vote at JFK8, considering in particular that members of the ALU had “intimidated” the employees and accusing the New York branch of the agency responsible for supervising the ballot , NLRB, to be biased.

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