at Bun’s Garden, eco-responsibility at the heart of a gourmet project

Everything is thought out

They have remained faithful to their convictions: recycled materials, 100% French products, frozen foods banned from the kitchen, the establishment’s emphasis is on eco-responsibility. Everything is thought through. The street-food format is chosen to reach a large clientele. The menu changes every day so as not to “bore” loyal customers. The Minimes sector was chosen for its proximity to the many offices.

Success is therefore there, to such an extent that Maxime and Corentin have already seen their brand franchised. A catering service will soon be launched. In September, they will welcome new faces to cope with the growing success of their restaurant. The will of Maxime Oury, bronze medalist of the Best Apprentice of Charente-Maritime in 2016, is now to transmit his knowledge. The beginning of a story that doesn’t seem to be about to end.

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