Auto Show, new products made in the USA are exhibited in New York

New York is the last major trade show before the start of the school year here in the United States. I’ll let you do the math… After Detroit of course…

Spring being conducive to the purchase of cars, manufacturers present their new products. As we are in America, it is primarily pick-ups that drive sales with the arrival of the first 100% electric models. This is the case of Ford and its F150.

So tell me about this F150 Platinium: “First, it has 22-inch rims instead of the usual 18. It goes from zero to hundred in less than 4 seconds. You have 426 horsepower for a couple of 1050 nanometers… In conclusion… It’s a racing car! »

Ford has equipped its stand with a 300-meter test track… The goal… To stick visitors to the Lightning headquarters…

An acceleration of 911 Carrera… Not bad for a pick-up of more than 3 tons! Autonomy is worthy of a utility, 514 kilometers according to the manufacturer. And this Platinum version is packed with thoughtful features!

Oh that’s interesting!

Another amazing feature is the Back-Up power. You can charge other vehicles, but also power a single-family home. Handy in the event of a power outage!

“As it’s an electric car, you no longer have an engine. That leaves room to equip this pick-up with a mega front trunk!”

And the success of the Lightning is there! Ford, which reserves it for North America, has fallen behind but has garnered 200,000 orders. Deliveries start this week!

Who should I see to buy a car? Ford thought it was on its own, but in the meantime, the competition has woken up with the electric Chevrolet Silverado. The manufacturer has already shown it in Chicago two months ago, but this time in New York, we can approach it exclusively for Turbo!

Inside, a fully digital dashboard with a 17-inch screen, four real seats and like the F150, the Silverado offers rather smart layouts… A good face, this Silverado! A good face that starts at 45,000 euros! Start of deliveries, spring 2024, also in North America only!

It’s not wrong Karine, especially since Ford has been announcing the Mach 1 for almost two years. It replaces the Bullit and above all, it is in the Ford France catalog from 64,200 euros.

You just have to be very patient when ordering and not too careful about consumption… Around 12 liters per 100. Still at Ford, a novelty this time available in the fall!

To move this raptor’s two-ton six, a twin-turbo eco-boost six-cylinder. The brand’s favorite configuration. And a price from 63,000 euros. As for the Bronco’s direct competitor, here it is… The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392.

The Rubicon owes its name to its cubic capacity, 392 cubic feet… And there’s nothing like the Jeep test bench inclined at 40 degrees to test the crossing! It’s even more impressive!

The 8-speed automatic gearbox is supported by a permanent two-speed transfer… With the reduction, no need to brake even downhill! The V8 Wrangler Rubicon is not cheap! Jeep, which reserves it for the American market, offers it from 68,000 euros.

And the journalists came to see a phenomenon seen furtively until today! The Z is halfway between GT and sports! Like its ancestor from which it is inspired… The Datsun 280Z!

It is a propulsion driven by a 3.0 liter thermal 400 horsepower. It is also offered with a 9-speed sequential gearbox. Launch Control is standard! A 9-inch touchscreen, a digital dashboard, two GTR-style bucket seats… And a price starting at 38,000 euros!

With its Stingray, Chevrolet aims to offer the look, feel and sound of a Ferrari F8 at a price divided by four! Around 83,000 euros. Delivery in the fall!

At Subaru, we pulled out all the stops on the stand to showcase the great novelty for 2023… The Solterra! The brand’s first 100% electric compact SUV! The Solterra will arrive in France before the end of the year… From 35,000 euros! Still in the electric but more exclusive… Here is a Cobera… An ultralight roadster… 698 kilos…

All reminiscent of an AC Cobra in this Cobera C300! But neither the dimensions nor the technology have any connection! On the C300… Two electric motors, a torque of 5,500 newton meters, four-wheel drive and a few subtleties…

The carbon bodywork is “designed” in Italy, the assembly is American, the engines are Hungarian… And you can fill up with these two outlets!

For the C300, count 200,000 euros! A quite reasonable price when compared to that of the Deus… A real event at this New York show!

The Deus Vayanne is the electric car of all superlatives… The price, the speed, and a zero to 100 in two seconds. This hypercar will be produced in 99 copies. And according to our information… Three Vayannes have been ordered in France!

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