Avian flu: duck is rare on the restaurant menu (even in Toulouse)

Since the start of the new avian flu epizootic in November, 16 million poultry have been slaughtered in France, said Monday, May 2, the Ministry of Agriculture. Consequence: the duck is running out in restaurants, and in particular in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), where the 13H of TF1 goes in the report at the top of this article.

Thus, at Le J’Go restaurant, there is no more duck on the menu. “Normally, as a starter, we have foie gras and (…) a beef tartare with foie gras”, explains Olivier Ehret, the owner of the establishment. Because of the avian flu, the suppliers no longer have anything to sell him. So the manager had to adapt certain dishes, even the most emblematic. “We have to explain to our customers that cassoulet can no longer be made with duck, it is now 100% pork”he explains.


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