Beware of deer in a “drunk” state, warns the 30 Million Friends Foundation

Ivre, a deer… This may make you smile, but the 30 Millions d’Amis foundation really warns of this possibility and calls for caution. Indeed, in the spring the deer eat the sweet buds of the trees. But the alkaloid substances present in these delicacies ferment in their stomachs and produce effects comparable to being drunk. The story can then end badly for the deer.

“It is something accidental, which is produced by too much consumption of a food. There is no purpose in deer to put themselves in a daze, as can be seen for example in dolphins who will absorb a toxin released by puffer fish “, explains Pierrick Poiré, animal caretaker at the wildlife care center of the Faune Alfort association, in Maison-Alfort (Val-de-Marne), to our colleagues from Paris-Normandy. According to him, cases “intoxicated” stay “quite rare”.

How does a deer react in this state?

The 30 Million Friends Foundation specifies that there is no death to mourn. “But the animals are frightened, stressed and can hurt themselves: some find themselves trapped in enclosures such as car parks. And when trying to flee, they can bump into each other and hurt their heads. »

“The loss of natural landmarks is not due solely to the ingestion of euphoric plants”, adds the foundation. Because in the spring, the young deer, in the spring, must leave their mother and set off to conquer a territory. “Cervids therefore sometimes find themselves far from their habitat, sometimes near dwellings. »

How to react to a deer?

The mother isolates herself to give birth, which pushes the founder of the wildlife protection center and the Dame Blanche animal park, in Valorbiquet (Calvados), Gérard Bertran, to warn about the “Bambi phenomenon”
: when people pick up the little fawns, thinking they’re abandoned when they’re not. You have to go your way. If they are recovered by a center, he adds, “one year of rehabilitation”awaits them before being released into the wildhe warns Ouest-France.

Faced with a panicked deer, the foundation recommends contact law enforcement or the fire department who will try to capture him to release him in the forest. If the story ends like this, the only consequence of overindulgence will be – perhaps – a hangover.


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