“Black boxes” in vehicles: in the United States, the device would have made it possible to reduce the number of accidents

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According to European regulations, data loggers must be installed in new vehicle models in July 2022. New vehicles will be affected in 2024. In the United States, these recording devices have already been mandatory for several years.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the installation of data recording devices is already mandatory for new vehicles. However, some car manufacturers had not waited for the decision of the American authorities to equip their vehicles: in 2005, 64% of vehicles were equipped with an event data recorder. According to the US National Highway Safety Administration, virtually every vehicle on the road in the United States today is equipped with this device.

These “black boxes” have also been the subject of special monitoring by the American authorities: they claim to have recorded a drop in accident rates of nearly 20% in the space of five years. “However, we must be very careful with this figure,” says Anne Lavaud. The recording devices that have been deployed in the United States are undoubtedly very different from the boxes that will be imposed in the various European countries. It will therefore be difficult to compare the performance of these devices. »

To know if the boxes that will come to equip the European car fleet, will have an impact on accidentology, it will be necessary to be patient: the law provides for an efficiency report every five years. The first results are expected for 2027.

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