Bordeaux: Lizarazu no longer believes in it

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Beaten at home by OGC Nice (1-0) on Sunday, Bordeaux remains 19th in Ligue 1, 4 lengths behind the barrage Saint-Etienne. Maintenance is not impossible from an accounting point of view. But for Bixente Lizarazu, the recent performance of the Girondins does not encourage optimism.

“What I saw yesterday (Sunday) does not lead me to think that this team is capable of raising the bar and getting out of it at the last moment, dismissed the former Bordeaux player on France Bleu. I saw a team who are afraid to play, players who are afraid to receive the ball, to go forward. This is typical of a team that has lost confidence, is afraid of its shadow and is psychologically disturbed . They started at two on the hour and just defended. The ball burns the feet.”

But above all, the defense continues to offer goals to the opponents.

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