bridges, roads, pipelines… Infrastructure out of breath?


United States: bridges, roads, pipelines... Infrastructure out of breath?
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C.Guttin, T.Donzel, B.Laigle, A.Sanguourad L.Setyon, K.Sullivan – France 2

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US President Joe Biden had promised during his campaign to repair crumbling infrastructure in the United States. 1,200 billion dollars must be devoted to it. Lhe task is immense, since itome American citizens do not even have access to drinking water.

Behind the Hollywood facade, the United States is cracking. Rusty bridges regularly collapse, sometimes resulting in deaths. Disused tracks derail trains, and roads crumble. Last January, in the city of Pittsburgh, the central part of a 50-year-old bridge collapsed on itself. A ten people were injured. The building had however been revised a few months before, but for lack of means, no major repairs had been carried out. 20% of upkeep and maintenance costs are borne locally, while The remaining 80% comes from the federal government.

Joe Biden revised its ambitions to drop, but he succeeded in getting an envelope of 1,200 billion dollars in order to to repair bridges and roads, and to restore access to drinking water. Not all Americans have access to it, as in one of Kentucky’s poorest counties, where thewater is whitish.

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