Cahors. A poem for a dog: here are the winners

Last month’s Lotois dog shelter poem contest is over and the jury has deliberated. It is finally time to reveal the poem that has been selected. It is in the adult category of that of Nathalie Chiappini that she dedicated to Blue hoping to bring him luck to find his family for life. “I dream of a fairy tale,

where you, Blue, would be adopted

With your large, attentive and gentle eyes, you would sweep away this world you had hoped for so much: marvelous and crazy family I dream of a fairy tale where it would be your last day waiting for hours and fall asleep in the icy night crying I dream of a fairy tale where you play, frolic with your long ears in the wind

I see you from the height of your seven years

you, my proud Gascony blue crusader with your heart slung over your shoulder hoping for the happiness you never had and if tomorrow, my fairy tale becomes your reality. The jury also wanted to highlight another poem in the children’s category written by the young Rachel Albareil Araujo who dedicated it to Combo.

And if you want to discover other little ones to adopt, their site is

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