Cala and its pasta from €6 without a cook, a great deal for students

By Manon C. Posted April 28, 2022, 4:47 PM

In Nation, in Jussieu and soon near the Jardin du Luxembourg, Cala offers pasta dishes from €6, prepared without a cook. The good plan for students and small grants!

It’s not everyday, when we’re studentthat we allow ourselves a restaurant meal. Yes, in Paris, affordable yet tasty restaurants are not legion, and students’ wallets are often empty long before the end of the month.

So here is a good deal for students, young workers and small scholarships. In Paris, the Cala restaurants, located at Nation, in Jussieu, and soon on the side of the Luxembourg Garden offer healthy and affordable pasta dishes. And for good reason ! These are not prepared by a cook but by… a robot !

The 4m2 kitchens of Cala are, in fact, entirely automatedand this is the C3-PSTO robot who is in charge of preparing the few 400 dishes per hour. Enough to allow a reduction in costs, and therefore on the arrival of cheaper meals for foodies, from 6€ ! However, Cala does not make a cross on the quality. Here, raw and fresh products are labeled if possible, no preservatives or additives.

On the menu, a wide variety of pasta recipesand the personalization possible of these directly via your phone. Let us cite for example the Carbo Pasta with beech-smoked French bacon, Grana Padano and shavings of Parmiggiano Reggiano; the margarito pasta with mozzarella balls and chopped fresh chives; or even the Cheesy cuzzi pasta with their creamy sauce, cheddar, comté, gorgonzola and crispy fried onions!

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