Prevent dementia: here is the list of antioxidant fruits and vegetables to consume in prevention

Some molecules have the ability to slow down or even prevent the natural oxidation of other chemical substances. They are then qualified as antioxidants. Eating well to maintain cognitive health is a well-known and logical recommendation. But what exactly should you eat? A new study emphasizes the interest of antioxidants in preventing dementia. Some of … Read more

Top Chef: Thomas Chisholm’s restaurant team claim that “his life is not life-threatening” and that he was not attacked by an employee of the establishment

2:38 p.m.: Thomas Chisholm’s restaurant team spoke this afternoon on the establishment’s Instagram account. “Last night, Thomas was attacked in the 7th arrondissement of Paris by someone outside the team. An investigation is underway, which will determine the circumstances of the attack,” the text begins. And to add: “We cannot communicate to date details of … Read more

Waiters and cooks: a critical absence in the restaurants of Montluçon (Allier)

The situation is more than tense for Montluçonnais restaurateurs. After two years strongly marred by the health crisis, restaurants are seeing the summer season approaching with apprehension. The main reason: an ever greater labor shortage. The solutions are costly, even inaccessible, to such an extent that some are beginning to give up, dreaming of “another … Read more

The Liège candidate of Top Chef Arnaud Delvenne signs the new poké of Poké House

| Published on 05/16/2022 at 17:06 An emblematic candidate for season 13 of Top Chef who wears the colors of Belgium loud and clear in the competition, Arnaud Delvenne is partnering with the Poké House restaurants during the month of June, in order to offer an exclusive Poké in his image. ** ******* ** *********** … Read more