Chelsea could be expelled from the Premier League!

The soap opera around the future owner of Chelsea is not ready to know its outcome. Since the declaration of the sale of the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich at the beginning of March, sanctioned by the British government for his relations with the Kremlin after the invasion of Ukraine by the army of Vladimir Putin, Chelsea Football Club has still not found a buyer in two months. The cause ? Abramovich himself.

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Indeed, while he had affirmed in his press release that he would not ask for repayments of his loans, the English press – from Daily Star to The Guardian passing through the DailyMail – says the 55-year-old oligarch has finally gone back on his promise and would like to recover 1.8 billion pounds sterling (or more than 2.13 billion euros), which could largely make the takeover process take a little longer of the London club.

The Blues excluded from the PL?

To believe the DailyMail, this backtracking on the part of Roman Abramovich would considerably reduce the room for maneuver of the next owner of the CFC, who would be forced to tighten his belt as soon as he arrived at the head of the club, certainly leading to a drain of his talents, or d increase its first investments to meet this astronomical demand. Either way, the Saratov native’s successor could experience one of Chelsea’s worst crises since 1987, when Stamford Bridge was threatened with being turned into luxury apartments by property developers Marler Estates.

In addition, the sale of the club is closely linked to the club’s sporting fate next season: indeed, while the League across the Channel has given it authorization to compete in the championship until May 31, it could exclude the Thomas Tuchel’s men – third in the standings four days from the end – of the 2022/2023 financial year if the license is not renewed at the PL assembly scheduled for June 8. This decision would also oblige the English Federation not to designate them to participate in the next edition of the Champions League. Their time is running out…

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