CoinEx Adopts New Brand Tagline: Making Cryptocurrency Trading Easier

HONG KONG, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In December 2020, CoinEx adopted the slogan “Where Innovative Digital Assets Gather”, which reflected the platform’s growth strategy of bringing innovative and quality projects to users. and enable them to take advantage of the latest trends and seize new opportunities. With these principles in mind, CoinEx’s token listing team always favors the listing of quality cryptocurrencies and does not run after quantity. This rigorous screening process not only allows users to identify top-notch assets and stay ahead of their peers, but it also builds CoinEx’s reputation. It is therefore beneficial for both the platform and for users.

In 2021, CoinEx listed over 300 premium cryptocurrencies. Also, helping users choose innovative digital assets was no longer a growth objective. It had become normal to list all the top cryptocurrencies in the market. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, more and more users are flocking to the blockchain industry.

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However, novices are often confused and discouraged by their lack of blockchain knowledge, the high threshold of trading platforms, as well as the complexity of cryptocurrency trading operations. Therefore, CoinEx should not just provide innovative digital assets, but also help beginners make their first transaction easily, let them enjoy the free flow of digital assets, and contribute to a better world through blockchain, in collaboration with users.

To do this, CoinEx has decided to adopt a new brand slogan: Making Cryptocurrency Trading Easier. Going forward, CoinEx will serve as a gateway between users and the cryptocurrency world. This gateway role will help more users complete every transaction with ease and break the prejudice that the blockchain industry is inaccessible.

On CoinEx (both on the website and on the mobile app), users can trade cryptocurrency in an easy and convenient way, anywhere and anytime. CoinEx aspires to design simple products and facilitate operations, so that users can start using CoinEx products and trading cryptocurrencies without delay. Besides, the platform offers a comprehensive and professional help center to guide users from basic operations to advanced trading tactics. On CoinEx, all users can have access to detailed blockchain know-how and comprehensive guides on trading operations. Thanks to the help center, even cryptocurrency novices can easily navigate the world of cryptocurrency.

Over the past decade, the blockchain industry has undergone great changes, and the intensive competition between trading platforms has also come to an end. In a world where the capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is constantly increasing, the cryptocurrency market plays an essential role in the financial sector. At the same time, more and more new users will rush to the blockchain. CoinEx is acutely aware of the need for the blockchain world to benefit from the contribution of more individuals, and we can only combine our efforts to improve the blockchain industry by making the industry accessible to more users, changing the way assets are traded and going beyond the limits of traditional finance.

“Making Cryptocurrency Trading Easier” is not just a slogan: it is a major goal and growth strategy that CoinEx is striving to achieve. The platform intends to become a bridge between users and the world of cryptocurrency. This gateway role will allow CoinEx to facilitate cryptocurrency trading.

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