Company. An Indian and his dog at the World Agility Championships in Greece

Jérémy Lisbet, his wife Catherine and their first dog Mala, a German shepherd mix, settled in Attignat in 2013.

Today, Jérémy is about to leave for Greece to compete in the world agility championship with his new dog Magma.

Agility is a canine discipline that consists of getting your dog to overcome various obstacles on a timed course. Born in England in the 1970s and accessible to all breeds of dogs, this sport has since enjoyed great success all over the world.

Fourteen years ago, Jérémy and Mala took training courses in a canine club in Oyonnax. After an obedience course, agility courses were offered to him. He immediately took to this discipline.

A selection in the French team

A competitor at heart, a rugby player at Oyonnax rugby with a year in sports studies and two years in reichel and hope, Jérémy suffered an injury, which forever upset his rugby career.

Jérémy compensated for this with agility to evolve first towards departmental competitions to arrive, with another female dog, Extasy, in international competitions in 2015 with the Sport loisirs can’Ain de Péronnas.

At the international level, he meets foreign competitors with very high performances.

At 8 years old, Extasy is nearing the end of her career. In order to preserve her for her old age, she is put on “retirement”.

Magma, a female Belgian Shepherd Malinois, takes over from him. Jérémy Lisbet always teams up with a female, the latter’s morphology is finer, she remains more mature, more concentrated in the work and it is easier for her to jump, unlike a male who is 4 to 5 kg heavier.

Jérémy, who wants to pursue international competitions, does all the learning with Magma with a professional, Sébastien Allerme, who has competed in world championships.

Jérémy reached the level he wanted, he participated, for two weekends, in selections for the French team to participate in the world championship. He arrives with Magma in the top five. The French team of which he is part leaves for Karpenisi in Greece from May 13 to 15. It will be made up of eight couples and a couple of substitutes. This world championship will see approximately 150 teams compete.

Already vice-world champion by team in 2019 in Pisek in the Czech Republic, the duo aims, for this new competition, to obtain two podiums.

Every two days, Jérémy trains with Magma in agility, cardio and acceleration just like an athlete. Magma is therefore on top form.

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