Covid-19. After more than a million deaths, the United States emerges from the red

The United States came out of the explosive phase of the pandemic”. This was stated on Wednesday April 27 by Dr. Antony Fauci, principal adviser to the White House for the management of Covid-19, in an interview with the Washington Post. In view of the deceleration in the number of cases detected – 47,000 per day against more than 900,000 at the height of the epidemic – he judges the country in transition towards a phase where the virus will be under control and endemic​. By this he means a stage where Sars-Cov2 no longer jeopardizes the hospital system, even if the virus remains present. In April, it caused an average of 439 daily deaths.

The day before these statements, Vice President Kamala Harris, although triple vaccinated, had tested positive, without showing any symptoms. If Joe Biden has resigned himself to a court decision which “broken” a circular requiring the wearing of masks on airliners, the Democratic administration is pushing the fires on other fronts. It will thus double the number of pharmacies distributing Paxlovid, a drug which, taken within five days of a positive test, seems to reduce the risk of hospitalization by 90%.

60% of Americans have had Covid

It took the United States two years of struggle and more than a million deaths (1,125,000 on Thursday April 28) to reach the point where Covid-19 is no longer considered a serious threat, even if the Dr. Fauci does not rule out new outbreaks of cases, the immunity provided by the vaccine or the disease proving to be ephemeral.

On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated, based on tens of thousands of blood tests, that 190 million Americans, or over 60% of the population, including three-quarters of children, have already contracted Covid-19 at least once, with or without symptoms. This milestone would have been reached in February. This estimate is more than twice the 81 million positive cases recorded.

Covid-19. After more than a million deaths, the United States emerges from the red

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