Cryptocurrency CFD trading to hedge hodling

When you trade CFDs on cryptos, you are speculating on whether the value of the chosen asset will rise or fall. You will not own this digital asset in any way. Libertex, a multi-award winning online broker, recently announced that it has reduced fees on all crypto CFDs to zero whether commission, swap or exchange fees.

This means that when you decide to trade with the Libertex platform, if you deposit €100 into your trading account, you can use all of that balance to trade crypto CFDs. You therefore do not lose a large part of this sum in costs.

Here are some of the advantages of trading in the exciting cryptocurrency market via CFDs:

Major market movements: high volatility

Even though the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, volatility is high, as interest and activity continue to grow day by day. The magnitude of movement that can be seen during a daily session is what makes this market so exciting.

These rapid intraday movements in asset prices can represent opportunities for traders to go long or short; however, this involves an increased risk. It is therefore crucial, if you decide to dive into the cryptocurrency market, to ensure that you have done your research and have a good risk management plan in place.

Cryptos don’t sleep: 24/7

The cryptocurrency market is generally accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as there is no centralized governance of this market. Instead, cryptocurrency transactions take place directly between individuals on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Faster transaction times: better liquidity

Generally speaking, the cryptocurrency market is much less liquid than other asset classes, given its embryonic nature. Liquidity is measured by how quickly and easily a cryptocurrency can be converted into cash without impacting the market price.

Liquidity is important because it allows for better pricing and faster transactions. It also helps to increase accuracy during technical analysis. If the market continues to develop, these conditions improve for traders.

When you trade cryptocurrency CFDs with Libertex, you have access to good liquidity as Libertex sources prices from multiple sources on behalf of the trader. This means trades are more likely to be executed more cheaply and faster.

Greater exposure: use of leverage

Crypto CFDs are leveraged products, allowing traders to open positions on what is known as margin. This is a deposit that is only worth a fraction of the total value of the transaction made. Thus, you can gain greater exposure to the cryptocurrency market while tying up a relatively small amount of your capital.

In terms of profit and loss on these cryptocurrency CFD trades, they reflect the total value of the position at the time of its closing, so you have the opportunity to make larger profits from a relatively small investment.

However, note of course that conversely this can also magnify losses, which can exceed your initial deposit. It is therefore essential to have an appropriate risk plan, including stops and targets on these trades.

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Part of the Libertex Group, Libertex is a broker regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Transactions Commission, offering tradable CFDs whose underlying assets are Commodities, Forex, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies and others. Libertex also offers commission-free investments in real stocks.

Over time, Libertex has received more than 40 prestigious international awards and accolades, including the title of “Europe’s Most Trusted Broker” (Ultimate Fintech Awards, 2021). Libertex is the official trading partner of Tottenham Hotspur FC, bringing together the exciting worlds of football and trading.

Since its inception in 1997, the Libertex Group has grown to become a diverse group of companies, serving millions of customers in multiple countries around the world.

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75.3% of retail investor accounts lose money. Zero commission fees on crypto CFDs are available for retail clients on the Libertex trading platform. Cryptocurrency instruments are not available to retail clients in the UK.

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