Customs dog eats part of cannabis seizure, suspect released


To spot narcotics, weapons and explosives, nothing beats the sharp nose of dogs trained by customs. But it happens that the animal, perhaps a little too playful, goes further. This is what happened in Toulouse, where a dog swallowed part of a suspect’s shipment of cannabis, rendering the weighing null and void and effectively canceling the procedure.

This amazing story was told on May 5 by our colleagues from “La Dépêche”. It all started on March 17, during an operation by the Anti-Narcotics Office (OFAST) and customs on Avenue du Pradié, in Toulouse. The customs dog, trained to look for drugs, very quickly spots narcotics thanks to his nose. In a box, the police uncovered 25.5 kg of cannabis resin.

The investigation makes it possible to identify the owner of this illegal cargo. Aged 29, he is from the west of Toulouse. The man, a repeat offender, was closely watched and apprehended on March 28. While everyone accuses him, he was auditioned and then tried in immediate appearance, but released immediately. Why ? Because the customs dog that ate part of the cannabis seizure made the weighing of evidence invalid. A detail that did not escape the suspect’s lawyer, Mand Morgane Dupoux, who raised a nullity in the procedure. His client finally emerges free. But the prosecution will appeal its decision, says “La Dépêche”. We do not know the quantity of drug ingested, nor the state of health of the dog in question…

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