Dead Horse Point, a legendary park in the Great West


United States: Dead Horse Point, a legendary park in the Great West

Article written by la Mornais, A.Monange, K.Sullivan – France 2

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On Tuesday May 10, the soap opera 13 Heures continues its discovery of the great parks of America with the park of Dead Horse Point, a real setting for a cowboy film.

Bikers live the cliché of the American West, in the great parks of Utah (United States). Dead Horse Point is not the best known park, but is spectacular nonetheless. “There, I imagine myself returning to the times of the Indians and the crossing of the West”, says a tourist. Here, the Colorado River has dug its loop. A French family admires the giant canyons made of red rock. “These canyons were discovered by Mormon pioneers in the 1840s,” says Spencer Stokes, park ranger at Dead Horse Point state park.

In this park, tourists can canoe down the Colorado River. Hollywood has taken over this decor. Thus, the scene of the film Thelma and Louise, where the women throw themselves into the Grand Canyon, was actually shot in the park of the Dead Horse. It is also an adventure playground for athletes from all over America.

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