Dinéault’s killer dogs reoffend in Saint-Nic – Brittany

A new attack of dogs against animals occurred in the night from Monday to Tuesday, in the town of Saint-Nic. It is close to that of Dinéault where 30 sheep fell under the fangs, these last fortnight. This time, dwarf goats paid the price. Five are dead and three are injured. “The two big dogs, as confirmed by the veterinarian, grabbed the goats by the throat and, without devouring them, scattered them in the field”, says Melissa Parrot still upset.

The same unknown dogs

She set up her small business, Les Chèvres du Rouzig, a year ago to make breeding, wool and milk soap. His herd numbers 21 animals. The pasture of the young breeder is located at a place called Kerdamoy, at the foot of Menez-Hom, about 7 km from the attacks that occurred in Dinéault. A distance that does not frighten big dogs. “As in Dinéault, no one has ever seen in the town dogs corresponding to this description, a black and a brown”, she panics.? For Melissa Parrot, there is no doubt that these are the same dogs that were filmed at night in Dinéault by an owner whose sheep were attacked.

€11,000 loss

At the Châteaulin gendarmerie, where the breeder lodged a complaint, she was advised to assess the damage suffered. “If I count the young that I could have had with the dead goats, it comes to €11,000”, calculates the breeder who is aware that it will be out of pocket. The adorable dwarf and extra-dwarf goats are negotiated, depending on the color of the coat, between 300 and 900 €. From now on, she provides surveillance until late at night. “I won’t last long like that, she admits, we really need to find these killer dogs. Because what do we know of their reaction if they cross paths with a child? »

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