Discover the 5 foods you should NEVER keep in plastic boxes

Foods are sometimes quite simple to store, but sometimes they can be completely prohibited from being stored in plastic boxes. So, we are going to see the 5 foods that should not be stored in this type of box.

The diversity of our food!

These are aspects that we forget very quickly during our daily lives.

But you should know that our earth contains a wide variety of foods that can provide many contributions necessary for our health.

For this, it is important to understand that several foods make it possible to fill different intakes. We can therefore find products that offer fatty and bad intakes for our health. They can thus have harmful effects on our health and bring diseases.

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But we can in particular mention products that provide very significant energy intake. The latter are contributions of vitamins, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Thus, it is essential to eat correctly in order to be able to keep in good shape. In addition, it limits the appearance of diseases during our lifetime.

But some foods must be preserved in different ways in order to keep their potential. As well as being able to limit the proliferation of diseases.

The 5 foods not to keep in plastic boxes!

Sometimes certain foods should not be stored in plastic containers.

And we’re going to give you five of them, so you can keep them safe!

Raw vegetables

These are foods that we are used to consuming during the summer periods. Their contributions are very useful to our health and we should not deprive ourselves of it!

But when the dish is already well underway, and there is only a small amount left, we all have the reflex to put the rest in a small plastic box.

However, this is a mistake we all make! Indeed, the raw vegetables will lose their freshness more quickly but also their nutrients. The ideal is a small glass bowl that can be covered with plastic wrap.

The fruits

Always very interesting, and having a major role in maintaining our health, fruits are often eaten.

But some people keep their fruits cold, which can greatly bring bad effects to them.

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Indeed, you should know that the cold will make the fruits bland. To preserve its very useful food, it is important to favor a simple basket at room temperature.

Subsequently, if you have a salad made up of fruit, it will be necessary to favor a glass container.

Cheese, a very popular food!

Cheese is a food that can be eaten in all seasons.

Very popular in many meals, and especially as a dessert in meals with family or friends, the latter is subject to a serious error!

You should know that if you keep your piece of cheese cool in a plastic container, it will age faster.

The easiest way to preserve its nutritional values ​​and appearance is to place it in a well-wrapped drawer.

raw meat

It is also a food that can present errors when it is kept cool.

We all like to eat it, especially when it comes from a butcher. Thanks to its good quality, it is possible to see the way it is stored in a butcher’s shop.

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This means that the latter is stored in a paper directly designed for.

Storing it in a plastic box will accelerate its aging according to the butchers.


They are also foods that we all eat and love.

Indeed, they provide different nutritional values ​​and are often appreciated in mixed salads or in meals made quickly.

Contrary to popular belief, raw eggs cannot be kept refrigerated. However, once cooked, avoid storing them in a plastic container.

Avoid storing these 5 foods in plastic boxes to preserve their nutritional values!

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