Djino Forté: “Trading will still be part of the game next year” – Girondins

Supporter of the Girondins and columnist of the Talk, Djino Forté is worried about the trading model applied by the owner of the club Gérard Lopez since his arrival at the Girondins de Bordeaux. Extracts.

“I have the impression that we are just waiting for the fall”

Djino Forte: “At the end of the match, or before, there was no hatred, no violence, but a certain resentment for the lovers of the club of which we are a part. And unfortunately a great indifference for the rest of the And that’s what I’m starting to feel, that is to say that we know that Ligue 2 is there and there is a part of the public who is also detached from the club.

And we can see that unfortunately, the counter-power is not there as I hope. We are in a situation where Ligue 2 is there, it is coming, we all know it and we are going straight ahead and it is a bit deadly. I have the impression that we are waiting for the fall, we are just waiting for the fall.

“The Lopez project is not going to stop there”

He pursues : “And it’s sad to live from the stadium. It’s not easy. I spoke and I scolded our friends in management a bit, whether it’s Gérard or Admar. I find it hard to understand clearly what is going on. It was before at the hotel where we had the arrival of the president.

I congratulated him for being there, for being present, which is his role. I talked about trading in front of him and quitting trading for a bit because I think it’s time to quit. And Admar the same, he was a little taken aback. It was a bit complicated. I spoke again with the president at the end of the match. He still granted us five minutes to exchange and we will not get out of it.

The Lopez project will not stop there, so trading will still be part of the game next year. There will be no reversal of the situation in relation to that. So I’m very, very skeptical about the sequel and that worries me.”

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