Dog shows gratitude after being rescued

A dog fell into the river where he was stuck trying unsuccessfully to climb the walls of the dam. Luckily for him, nearby fishermen heard the animal barking for help, and one of them, a young man of 25without thinking, ran to his aid.

This happened at the Someșul Mic river dam in northwestern Romania.

The brave man managed to pull the animal, which could have drowned or die of hypothermia from freezing waters of the river. The dog was stuck in the complex structure of the dam’s retaining walls.

This video, presented by the Romanian media Dejeanul, which has already had more than 8 million views, was moving not only for the rescue of the dog, but especially for the reaction and the gratitude of the dog towards the rescuers, who kept jumping for joy and barking to show his affection.

A dog shows his gratitude after being rescued:

The Someşul Mic River is a river in northwestern Romania, in the county of Cluj. It is formed by the confluence of two other rivers, the Someşul Cald and the Someşul Rece, both of which have their source in the Apuseni Mountains. From the confluence, which occurs in the town of Gilău, the Someşul Mic flows east and north passing through Cluj-Napoca, Apahida and Gherla until she meets the Someşul Mare in Dej; from then on it is known as Someş.

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