ESTAC grabs a point at the Parc des Princes and is very close to maintaining

Messi signs a record… of amounts touched in Ligue 1

Author of a post and a bar this Sunday against Troyes, Lionel Messi has totaled ten amounts touched with PSG in Ligue 1. Since the start of Opta statistics, it is quite simply a record for one season in the elite.

Moulin room Parisian supporters

Explosion of joy from the Trojan players at the final whistle. Bruno Irles’ men have won a point that brings them closer to maintaining. The players raised their arms and warmly congratulated each other after the game. At the final whistle, goalkeeper Jessy Moulin threw himself on his knees in his area, overexcited. Then he turned to the Auteuil stand (silent during the match) while chambering, with hand gestures, hands behind his ears, as if to say “I can’t hear anything”.

The Trojans went to celebrate this point with their parkage which set the mood during this match. The players jumped holding each other’s shoulders as in a victory, in full communion.

V. Jamin

It’s over! Troyes takes a point

It’s over at the Parc des Princes. The Trojans draw against Paris while the Parisians led two to zero. ESTAC is getting closer to maintaining Ligue 1.

Messi’s bar

Once again unfortunate Lionel Messi touches the bar of Jessy Moulin. It’s the second time the former Barcelona player has touched the uprights tonight.

Four minutes of added time

Four minutes of added time were added to this match. The two teams are still tied.

New changes on both sides

Rominigue Kouamé gives way to Tristan Dingome on the Trojan side while Angel Di Maria gives way to Ismaël Gharbi.

Jessy Moulin in two stages

On a long shot from Kylian Mbappé, Jessy Moulin takes the ball twice.

Marquinhos very close to the double

Again Di Maria and again Marquinhos. The Argentinian-Brazilian duo once again stands out. The Brazilian defender takes the best in the area on a cross from Argetin but his header flirts with the right post of Jessy Moulin.

Kouame warned

Jérôme Brisard warned the Trojan midfielder who hung Di Maria for a long time before hooking him.

Two changes on each side

The two coaches make the first changes of the evening. Salmier and Baldé replace Ugbo and Larouci. On the PSG side, Gana Gueye and Wijnaldum replace Verratti and Danilo.

Jessy Moulin catches Neymar’s shot

The Brazilian winger continues to provoke and worry Jessy Moulin. His shot from a distance, just now, ends up in the arms of the former ASSE goalkeeper.

Kouame’s strike misses

Kouamé manages to approach the Paris area and strikes from 16 meters but Marco Verratti bothers him and prevents him from adjusting his attempt correctly.

20 minutes left

There are only 20 minutes left in this match and for the moment, the Trojans have obtained a point at the Parc des Princes after being trailing by two goals.

Neymar unhappy, yellow cards distributed

After a fault by Ripart on the Brazilian, Neymar gets up and pushes the Trojan striker. The referee gives them a yellow card.

Kimpembe’s header passes overhead

On a corner, Presnel Kimpembe rises higher than everyone but his head goes over the Trojan cage.

The goal is canceled

Neymar’s goal is canceled after a foul by Mbappé at the start of the action on Palmer-Brown.

Neymar scores twice but the video calls the referee

The Brazilian scores his second goal of the evening and restores the advantage to the Parisians. Following a happy deviation from Mbappé, the former Barcelonan controls and finishes perfectly with a flat foot. The video calls the referee

New contentious situation in the surface

Achraf Hakimi can’t believe it. Jérôme Brisard does not give him a penalty. Abou Conté had slightly dismissed the Moroccan side with his hand. The video does not intervene, the game resumes.

Panenka for Tardieu

Tardieu does not tremble and makes a panenka on Navas while the two men laughed before the penalty. The two teams are tied.

Ripart gets a penalty

Incredible! The Trojans get a penalty after returning from the locker room following a foul by Kimpembe on Ripart.

Here we go again at the Parc des Princes

The 22 players returned to the pitch and the second period kicked off. PSG leads 2-1.

It’s the end of the first period!

This first period is over. PSG lead two goals to one thanks to Marquinhos and Neymar. On the other side, Ugbo revived the Trojans.

Messi’s shot is missed

Nuno Mendes’ overflow was exceptional. The young Portuguese side then serves Lionel Messi but the Argentinian misses his shot.

Neymar scores but the goal is disallowed

After a post from Messi, Neymar takes over with a touch and thinks of scoring a brace but the assistant’s flag is raised for an offside position.

Palmer-Brown close to equalizing

On a free kick from Tardieu, Palmer-Brown flies the highest and beats Navas but his head goes over the cages of the Parisian goalkeeper.

Messi’s recovery is off target

Angel Di Maria makes a new cross at the far post towards his compatriot Lionel Messi who takes the volley. But the latter ends in the small nets.

Ugbo raises Troyes on a huge mistake

Nuno Mendes makes a huge error in raising directly on Ugbo who then manages to deceive Navas with a very nice cross shot.

Neymar turns him

Neymar transforms the penalty obtained by Kylian Mbappé by deceiving Jessy Moulin. PSG are already taking the break just before the half hour mark.

Mbappé gets a penalty

Palmer-Brown is at fault on Kylian Mbappé. The French international had entered the zone of truth and was going to strike but the Trojan defender tackled and committed the irreparable.

Super tackle from Verratti

After a good overflow from Kaboré on the right side, Marco Verratti comes to help Nuno Mendes who had been eliminated. The Italian midfielder from PSG makes a great sliding tackle in the area.

Nice Trojan sequence

The Trojans had a good streak in the last two minutes with good collective action. This streak unfortunately ends for them with a failed cross from Xavier Chavalerin.

Ripart strikes

ESTAC striker Renaud Ripart takes his chance from 20 meters but his shot is deflected for a corner.

Marquinhos opens the scoring

Angel Di Maria crosses and Marquinhos emerges and finishes with a flat foot to deceive Moulin for the first time of the evening. PSG are already in front.

The Parisian answer

Just after the Trojan occasion, the Parisians respond through Angel Di Maria who rolls around the surface but Jessy Moulin makes a good save.

First big chance for Troyes

The Trojans are the first to show themselves dangerous. Biancone fails to recover well from a free kick when he was alone a few meters from the Parisian cages.

Messi picks up

From the first minutes of play, Messi seems to be the attacking player among the four who will drop the most.

Let’s go

The kickoff of this PSG-Troyes has just been given. The Parisians, already champions, can increase their lead over OM, second. ESTAC, on the other hand, is playing big tonight and could officially ensure its maintenance.

Simons and Michut not on the bench while in the group

Young people and PSG, it’s sometimes complicated. While they were in the group, Xavi Simons and Edouard Michut are not even on the bench.

Kick off in ten minutes

The kick-off of this last match of the 36th day of Ligue 1 will be given in about ten minutes now.

ESTAC is in good shape

PSG will have to be wary of Troyes, which is playing its survival in Ligue 1 and which is in good shape over the last ten days of the Championship.

The composition of PSG with Messi holder

Mauricio Pochettino has chosen to field a very competitive eleven, without any youngsters from the centre. An uncertain time, Lionel Messi holds with Kylian Mbappé, Neymar and Angel Di Maria.

The composition of PSG: Navas – Hakimi, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Mendes – Danilo, Verratti – Di Maria, Neymar, Messi, Mbappé

A match against the backdrop of the Mbappé soap opera

The week in Paris was marked by new developments in the Mbappé case. The player, at the end of the contract, is the subject of rumors in France and Spain, which had the gift of annoying his entourage… who has an appointment in Madrid in the coming days.

Kick off at 8:45 p.m.

PSG receives Troyes at the Parc des Princes, from 8:45 p.m. This is not the closing match of the 36th day of Ligue 1 since Nice and Nantes, who played the final of the Coupe de France on Saturday, will play on Wednesday.

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