Faced with the shortage, how to spice up your dishes without mustard?

SHORTAGE – According to the international research institute IRI, mustard is one of the five products most affected by inflation in France. Year on year, its price jumped 9.26%. But in addition to this surge, another difficulty is looming for consumers. After the shortage of sunflower oil, mustard is also beginning to desert supermarket shelves.

With its pungent taste, mustard is nevertheless one of the most used condiments in France, and in particular to spice up the dishes. Unlike traditional ketchup or mayonnaise, “mustard is low in sugar, various additives and calories”, specifies the Cuisineaz site.

“Right now, it’s spring, there are really a lot of things to replace traditional mustard!”, underlines Laurène Barjhoux. And that’s good: the chef of the restaurant “Fulgurances” from May 30, passed by the 3-star restaurant L’Arpège, transmits her advice so that your dishes keep this characteristic taste.

In your preparations

To line a savory tart base or prepare puff pastries, mustard has become a must in many preparations to add its spicy touch. But alternatives exist.

First advice from the future chef: go to the markets, where the stalls of the market gardeners are full of scented products. “There are mescluns for example, these are mixtures of sprouts, including mustard where you can find this taste precisely, or mizuna sprouts. These leaves will give flavor to your pies”, suggests Laurène Barjhoux.

Another possibility: turn to spring onions or garlic. “The spring onion is the young onion whose green stems are super fragrant, it’s a good way to spice up a dish”, explains the cook. As for the aillets, these shoots of fresh garlic, they are perfect “for salads, savory pies, puff pastry”. “It will really season!” she adds.

As an accompaniment

To accompany meat or potatoes, Laurène Barjhoux suggests this time turning to your garden. “Right now, there are a lot of nasturtium flowers and leaves, it’s very peppery, and you can make a pesto easily, to have a sauce for your dishes,” she advises.

For the vinaigrette

Finally, if mustard is often presented as one of the essential ingredients for making a vinaigrette, it can easily be replaced, in particular by flavored oils. “Just put in a neutral oil, like grapeseed oil, thyme, bay leaf, rosemary. We heat it to 60°, let it infuse and you have a scented oil to make a vinaigrette”, explains Laurène Barjhoux.

It is also possible to add mesclun or mizuna sprouts instead of mustard. “To make a vinaigrette, you can put lots of things other than mustard,” says the future chef. And if you follow his advice, mustard can also be easily replaced as an accompaniment or in preparation.

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