Fight against food waste: St Moret® makes a big deal out of it!

To fight against this avoidable scourge, many major players are getting involved effectively. Like the St Môret® cheese brand. Already active on these issues for many years, in 2020 it signed the Pact on use-by dates launched by Too Good To Go: from 2021, its products thus indicate on their packaging a minimum durability date (DDM), “to be consumed preferably before”. Clearly, after this date has passed, if the product has been stored in the refrigerator in its unaltered packaging, it can still be consumed.

St Môret® has also been supporting Food Banks since 2016 by collecting unsold fruits and vegetables for their benefit; by making donations of products from all of its cheese dairies to the local branches of the associations; by organizing solidarity operations to raise consumer awareness (€0.50 is donated to Food Banks for the purchase of two St Môret® products).

Finally, the brand multiplies anti-waste ideas and tips to enhance fruits, vegetables, etc. in delicious gourmet recipes to discover (and share!) on Enjoy your lunch !


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