firefighters save a beaver in bad shape, “young people stoned the poor beast” (videos)

Another great rescue for the Animal Rescue Team in the Vesdre, Hoëgne and Plateau area. This Wednesday, the team dedicated to animal rescue went to the edge of Vesdre, in Verviers, to save a beaver in distress.

“He showed signs of weakness around rue Renier” reports the city of Verviers in a press release. “It was an attentive local resident who intervened to chase away young people who were stoning the poor animal and who then warned the city of this worrying situation. »

A technical agent from the municipal administration went on site and found that the poor animal was abnormally weak. He therefore called the emergency services to help the imposing rodent. This one was brought by the firefighters to the Revalidation Center for Living Animal Species in the nearest Wild State: the Hermitage, in Thimister-Clermont.

According to CREAVES, the poor animal was probably disturbed by the work in progress near the Vesdre to rebuild the banks.

“He will remain under observation at the center, then will be released in a quiet and remote place where he can live in complete serenity” reassures the head of the center on social networks.

As a reminder, the beaver is not a harmful animal but a protected species. It has an important role in the creation of ecological habitats conducive to the development of biodiversity as well as in the prevention of flooding in rural and forest areas.


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