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War between Ukraine and Russiacase

The return of war on the continent has demonstrated this: the EU must gain in efficiency and sovereignty. Energy, defence, taxation… Avenues for reflection exist to create the conditions for a strengthened Union, believes a group of personalities.

We, European citizens, are worried by the return of war to the heart of Europe. The Russian invasion in Ukraine reveals the weaknesses and state of dependence of the European Union and its Member States, as well as their inability to ensure peace and stability. European citizens, and especially Ukrainian citizens, are paying the price for the absence of Europe in the areas of foreign, fiscal, energy and defense policy.

The Member States of the Union together have military expenditure more than twice as high as Russia, without having a significant deterrent capability. The increase in military spending to 2% will only amplify the mess if it is not subordinated to the creation of a real Defense Union. This could begin with the creation of a rapid deployment force of 60,000 people (as decided at the Helsinki European Council in 1999), the communitarisation of the Eurocorps in order to provide the Military Committee with European Union the embryo of an integrated command and control structure, essential to create and direct this policy of rapid deployment under the permanent command of the EU, and the creation of a European Training Center for the managers military are developing a common European strategic culture.

This could be financed by pooling, at European level, the increases in military spending that have just been…


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