“For the United States, this war is excellent business”

Marianne: Joe Biden’s administration had foreign policy priorities. Reinforcement of NATO, withdrawal from Afghanistan, fight against China. All this is upset by the Ukrainian crisis. Was it the result of circumstances or was there a plan to regain a foothold in Europe?

Andre Kaspi: First, there is a big fault by Joe Biden. Once he was almost certain of an invasion of Ukraine through his intelligence services, he announced that he would not go to war and that his country would be limited to economic and financial support. . The principle of sanctions has been used several times in American history, it is inscribed in mentalities. By Jefferson in 1807 in his response to the English, by the southerners who thought they were winning against the Union thanks to cotton diplomacy, against North Korea, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Iran… This has always been a failure.

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