Friborg justice: His pigs ate each other


A Friborg pig farmer has just been sentenced for the fourth time for animal abuse. He receives thirty day-fines of 550 francs.

The pigs of the Gruyere breeder ate each other.

The pigs of the Gruyere breeder ate each other.

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Some pigs have more chances than others in their short existence as livestock. In the region of La Gruyère, a pig farmer was convicted for the fourth time by the Friborg public prosecutor for mistreating his animals. As reported in “La Liberté” on Monday, for this new recidivism, he received a firm sentence of 30 day-fines of 550 francs. Proof that man must earn a good living. If he does not want to go to prison, he will therefore have to pay 16,500 francs.

“Generalized cannibalism”

The man is well known to the Cantonal Veterinary Service. The Friborg daily explains that this service had already received a report during the slaughter, where it had brought pigs “walking on three legs with cases of cannibalized tails”. During an inspection of its facilities, township officials had found, “Here widespread cannibalism, there too high an occupancy rate, elsewhere too wet soil and too dirty animals.”

A corpse in a box

The service had therefore imposed sanitation measures on him, but the breeder did not worry too much about it. Three months later, a new inspection of the premises revealed “the presence of three sick or lame pigs not separated from the others, a corpse in a box and again too dirty pigs”. The service therefore once again denounced the breeder to the Public Ministry, which toughened its sanction.

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