he crosses the United States on an electric motorcycle

After Scott Harkless a few months ago, Steven Day has just crossed the United States on the handlebars of an electric motorcycle, erasing on this occasion the record previously established by Harkless and his Zero SR/F: 111 hours to cover 4,677 km against 112 hours to complete 4,095 km.

Leaving Redondo Beach, California, on April 22 for Earth Day, Steven Day therefore joined New York after an 111-hour journey, spent on the saddle of his 100% electric motorcycle, an Energica Eva Ribelle.

A success that his friend Rob Swartz did not know, who left in the opposite direction on the handlebars of an Energica Eva EsseEsse, but who had to abandon the crossing after an incident on the van which accompanied him on his journey.

With a range of only 160 kilometers on highways, Steven’s Energica did not really have the profile of the ideal travel companion. But thanks to the many fast charging stations that line the American highways, Steven was able to stop regularly to recharge the battery. Breaks of only one hour to recover 90% of the total autonomy of his motorcycle, and thus move forward at a steady pace to complete the crossing at a general average speed of 42 km/h.

A performance that goes down in history, and which fills Steven with joy. That’s the main thing here.

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