he wants to kill a dog and hits the man who intervenes in Seine-et-Marne

A 43-year-old individual suspected of violence was arrested by the national police in Savigny-le-Temple (Seine-et-Marne). His arrest follows the punches received by a 22-year-old young man on Monday evening in front of a grocery store in the city. The victim had intervened to prevent the suspect from killing a dog using a box cutter, says The Republic of Seine-et-Marne.

Unknown motives

The reasons why the forties wanted to attack the animal have not been clarified. Already known to justice, he was placed in police custody after his arrest. The man suspected of violence was intoxicated.

He suffered an epileptic fit after arriving at the police station and had to leave the scene to be transferred to hospital. He chose to be the subject of an appearance procedure on prior admission of guilt and will be tried soon.

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