Heading for the United States for gymnast Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos

So it’s done. After a stay alongside her family in Martinique, Mélanie headed for Houston. The goal for the gymnast is to strengthen her progress after her lackluster performance at the Tokyo Olympics.

On her way to her new project, Mélanie benefited from the support of athletes from clubs in Martinique under the leadership of the regional committee chaired by Marie-Noëlle Catayée.

We are all behind her, including her former club, the Gauloise de Trinité. I also take this opportunity to thank the mayor of the town that we support for the construction of a gymnasium that will bear his name. For us, it’s obviously a great showcase, Mélanie is an ambassador, not only of the club but also of Martinique since she is a high-level athlete that we have just professionalized.

As for the main concerned, she is eager to discover this new page of her career as she confides to the microphone of Myrtha Paller:

Marie-Noëlle Catayée (left) and Mélanie de Jesus Dos Santos surrounded by young sportswomen

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