Here is the simple trick to transform stale bread into fresh and soft bread in seconds… No more waste

Bread accompanies a dish, sublimates a cheese or takes on its full flavor when accompanied by butter… For many people, it is impossible to eat a meal without this staple food. The only downside is its preservation. If it is incredibly tasty out of the oven, the bread loses its splendor in a few hours. Its consistency changes, it hardens, its taste changes.

Forget the mess! A video reveals a very simple way to restore all its softness and crispiness to stale bread. To do this, just pass the piece of bread or the slice of bread directly under a stream of water to moisten the crust. The bread should be placed on a baking sheet. When hard bread is sliced, this can be done in a toaster. All that remains is to let the bread heat up for about ten minutes or less depending on the device. Following this cooking, the stale bread regains a nice freshness.

Viewed 2.2 million times, the video garnered thousands of comments: “ People don’t realize that when bread hardens, it loses water. Just put back what has evaporated », « That’s also how dry pasta works, why hadn’t I thought of that », « That’s a good tip, I swear by it », « I just learned something, I will test thank you “. A user warns: You have to eat it right away “.

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