History: Ronnie O’Sullivan wins his 7th world title by beating Judd Trump and equals Stephen Hendry’s record

Titanic. Historical. Colossal. Legendary, of course. This man had no shortage of superlatives. Tonight, even less. This Monday evening, Ronnie O’Sullivan entered a little more in the history of snooker. And sports in general. Winner without trembling or almost of Judd Trump, called to take over his immense legacy (18-13), “The Rocket” won his seventh title of world champion.

It was the title he lacked to escape into the discussion of the greatest player of all time. If this debate remains and will always remain subjective, this seventh crown places it more than ever as the ultimate reference. With this success, the native of Wordsley (finally) equals the record set by Stephen Hendry, which has eluded him for so many years.

World Championship

A peak of emotion: O’Sullivan in tears in Trump’s arms after his title


At 46, O’Sullivan also erases a 44-year-old record by becoming the oldest winner in the World Championship, overtaking Ray Reardon, crowned in 1978 at 45 years and 203 days. The emotion was immense for the player at the time of closing the deal, which remained for a very long time in the arms of Judd Trump, lulled by emotions. And the immense happiness of finally being at the top of the game, almost alone.

Return of “Ronnie Potter”

In terms of the game, this victory is not the best of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s career, far from it. But it is unquestionably the most striking, there is no doubt.

Imperial during the two frames on Sunday, clinical as ever, the world number 1 had been ruthless with Judd Trump, sanctioning him for his slightest deviation and his collection of errors. In diesel mode during the third session this afternoon, “The Rocket” again activated the steamroller mode, leaving very little hope for his younger brother.

Because Ronnie O’Sullivan didn’t want to waste time this evening, especially after his “missed” outing a few hours earlier. The native of Wordsley was impeccable in all areas of the game. His safety game (defense) was once again ultra-precious, his offensive genius did the rest as often. With pockets worthy of his pedigree.

The century to conclude a smoothly conducted frame: O’Sullivan continues his march forward

A revival far too late for Trump

The impossible comeback was definitely just a mirage for Judd Trump. Totally overwhelmed during the first two sessions on Sunday, the “Juddernaut” had started what looked like a superb comeback during the third session on Monday afternoon. More applied, more relaxed, the 2019 world champion had rekindled the flame.

In vain. The damage was unfortunately done long ago. And the native of Bristol will long regret his failed start with an incredible collection of failures and gifts offered to his opponent. But the main thing is elsewhere for “The Ace in the Pack”.

Judd Trump at the 2022 World Snooker Championship.

Credit: Eurosport

At the bottom of the bag a few days ago, on the verge of not showing up at the meeting of the year, Judd Trump signed an absolutely remarkable fortnight. Worn down by weariness and in search of a new lease of life, the 32-year-old has potentially rediscovered this desire that he was so lacking. We do not yet know the content of the words that Ronnie O’Sullivan slipped to him at the end of the game. They will nevertheless be more than engines to allow him to find the top, finally.

But The Rocket is not yet ready to come down from seventh heaven. O’Sullivan will naturally savor this umpteenth planetary crown. A jewel that places it more than ever at the top of the game and its very long history.

World Championship

Unleashed, Trump melts on O’Sullivan before the outcome tonight


World Championship

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