How long will your dog live? All the details, breed by breed according to a new study

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A large British study, which involved 30,000 dogs, established the life expectancy of eighteen breeds. From four to thirteen years old, find out how long your favorite animal will live.

How many years will your dog live with you? Each breed of dog has an average life expectancy, already known to veterinarians. Yet, of the 344 known dog breeds in the world, there are significant differences based on genetics and country.

To establish an updated life expectancy, the Royal Veterinary College of London studied the cases of 30,563 dogs of 18 different breeds, who died between January 1, 2016 and July 30, 2020. The data come from the health surveillance system Vetcompass pets in Great Britain, not in France.

In general, smaller dogs tend to live longer. This is also the case, as with humans, of females who live longer than males, except in the case of sterilization. Another fact: purebred dogs tend to age faster, according to the British study published by the journal Nature and spotted by France Inter.

Click on the breed of dog you are interested in, or hover over it with your mouse, to find out the life expectancy.

As shown by the English veterinary study, the Jack Russell is the breed with the longest life expectancy with 12.72 years. It is closely followed by the Yorkshire and the Border Collie. The French bulldog has the shortest life expectancy with 4.53 years. The Chihuahua has the greatest difference in life expectancy: between 1.5 and… 16 years of longevity!

If the lifespan of a dog is specific to each breed, it is obvious that an animal well followed by a veterinarian has every chance of increasing its life expectancy.

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