how to implement this measure?

The five-year projects, episode 2 – During his campaign, Emmanuel Macron promised a food check to boost the purchasing power of the most modest people. How would it work?

This food check should at the same time promote quality products from short circuits
This food voucher should at the same time promote quality products from short circuits © / Yann Castanier / Hans Lucas

This is one of Emmanuel Macron’s promises, announced on the France Bleu antenna during his campaign: the establishment of a “food voucher to help the most modest households and the middle classes to meet these additional costs”.

This measure is considered a priority in the five-year term, while in April, inflation jumped 4.8% in one year. Today we are continuing our series of insights into these new five-year projects.

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Eight million French people concerned

This food check intended for the most modest households will have to promote at the same time quality products from short circuits. Eight million people should be affected by this food check, families who are struggling to make ends meet and young people aged 18-25 with very low incomes. The precise amount is not yet fixed, between 30 and 60 euros, but nothing decided. The objective is to help the poorest to fill their shopping carts with quality products.

Boris Tavernier organizes sales of local and organic products at affordable prices for the inhabitants of working-class neighborhoods. The spokesperson for the association Towards a joint purchasing network (VRAC) believes that this food voucher is a step in the right direction: “What should be emphasized is that for the first time, we are no longer linking food aid to waste, unsold products”he rejoices. “It’s an interesting first step”, he acknowledges. However, it highlights the gray areas. “We don’t know who these checks will be used for, mass distribution or local farmers directly.”

Terms still unclear

If Emmanuel Macron promises to promote short circuits, he has not specified the terms. Nathalie Bedel, producer of organic goat cheese, in Longes, near Lyon, is also wondering : “When we work locally, we create a social fabric and we support each other”she says. “I do not see how this can be done if these checks are intended for large brands where the local share is tenuous”she adds.

Whether this is possible remains to be seen. An LREM adviser tells us that favoring one trade over another is difficult to apply, if only from a constitutional point of view. Another unknown is how this food voucher will be distributed. Discussions are still ongoing.

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