Ideas for snacks that stall without making you fat

Didn’t have time for breakfast this morning? Need a boost to last all afternoon? Our winning nutritional equations to be full without feeling overwhelmed.

What light snack to replace breakfast?

2 Wasa Fibers + 1 slice of smoked salmon + 30 g of cream cheese spread = 197 kcal

Between the fibers and slowly assimilated carbohydrates of Wasa, the omega 3 fatty acids of salmon, good for the brain, and the proteins of fresh cheese (cottage cheese, ricotta or labneh, for example), this Nordic toast brings energy to last a long morning. We preferably select a fresh cheese with little salt and not too much fat and, if we like, we add 2-3 slices of cucumber, whose water and fibers accentuate the feeling of satiety.

What snack if I do sports between noon and 2?

1 skyr + 30 g oatmeal + 1 peach = 238 kcal

On the one hand, a dairy specialty devoid of fat and low in calories, but ultra-rich in proteins and calcium, and endowed with an invigorating consistency. On the other, oat flakes, sources of complex carbohydrates and long-lasting satiating fibre. To sweeten it all, a fresh fruit generous in vitamin C, fibers and readily available sugars. Result: a snack that provides lasting energy and helps to recover well after exercise (proteins for the muscles, calcium for the bones, antioxidant vitamin C…).

A light but delicious snack

1 slice of multigrain bread + 1 tbsp. at s. almond puree + 2 squares of dark chocolate = 285 kcal

This slightly sweet snack boosts serotonin, a soothing and anti-craving neuromediator, which we particularly need at the end of the day to stay in an even mood. Cereal bread (fresh) provides fiber and carbohydrates that are long to digest, especially if you choose one with natural sourdough, which further slows down its assimilation. Almond puree, in addition to its fiber, contains anti-stress magnesium, just like dark chocolate (75% minimum cocoa). The latter should always be consumed last to limit its impact on blood sugar.

The snack that stalls before a big dinner or lunch

Radish + hummus + 1 glass of tomato juice = 170 kcal

Ideal for avoiding binging during lunch or dinner, this trio combines effective appetite suppressants: radishes, rich in water (91%), in fiber (1.2%) and crunchy to perfection, occupy the mouth and the brain for only 15 kcal per 100 g; hummus, provider of proteins, very slowly assimilated carbohydrates and fats, contributes to the feeling of satiety; and tomato juice, very thick and velvety, mechanically fills the stomach for only 27 kcal.

What healthy snack for a craving in the evening?

1 toast (30 g) of rye flax + 1 slice of lemony avocado + 10 pumpkin seeds = 200 kcal

L’glycemic index (GI) rye bread is rather low for a loaf (45). Translation: it gently raises blood sugar levels and ensures long-lasting satiety, especially when combined with quality fats such as monounsaturated fats from avocado and pumpkin seeds. These two foods, which are also sources of fiber (3.5% and 6% respectively), also provide a little protein, which contributes to their satiating power. The acidity of the lemon juice lowers the GI of the whole snack to keep you quiet until dinner.

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